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Helmet Safety

A core value at Mycro is safety.

While comfort and style are essential, they will never come at the expense of safety. We therefore made it our mission to create the lightest, most comfortable but also safest helmet.

In 2006, hurling helmet safety standards were first introduced. It became compulsory for all players under the age of 18 to wear a helmet while playing a match. In 2010, it became compulsory for all players to wear a National Safety Authority of Ireland (NSAI) IS:355 approved helmet with faceguard in both matches and training. This rule came into effect for camogie in 2011.

Mycro were the first helmet manufacturer to meet this safety standard, and are still one of the only suppliers to meet this standard across all of our helmet range.

A player not wearing an IS:355 approved helmet is no longer covered under the GAA Injury Benefit Fund and is also at an increased risk of injury.

NSAI approved helmets boast a IS:355 badge on the back – you will find this mark of safety on all Mycro helmets.

As the game has become faster and more physical, I wear Mycro as it gives me the most protection

Aaron Gillane
Sportsgear with substance