2 Minutes with Miriam Walshe

2 Minutes with Miriam Walshe
20/03/2020 Thomas
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Name: Miriam Walsh 

Age: 24

Occupation: student 

Club: Tullaroan 

What age did you first play: 5

Favourite ground: AstroTurf 

Favourite sports person: Katie Taylor 

Favourite food: chicken curry 

Favourite holiday spot: Boston 

Favourite TV programme: love island 

Pre-match ritual: few pucks against the wall before I leave the house. 

Toughest opponent: Defo Collette Dormer we go to war against one another in training and we are besties off the pitch I think that’s what sport and friendship is all about. 

Best piece of advice you were given: practice makes perfect 

Funniest thing you’ve seen on a pitch: the night before Ashbourne, Sarah Crowley , Meg and I put fake tan on in the dark and it came out awful. 

Proudest memory from your career: winning a senior all Ireland with Kilkenny 

Hobbies outside of sport: I love spinning, spending with my family/friends and Noel! 

I wear Mycro because…Jacqui Frisby wore it and it’s the best looking helmet. 


Facts about your teammates.

Best trainer: Damian Cleere 

Worst trainer: Aideen Kenny 

Quickest: Me

Slowest: Davina Tobin 

Best first touch: Danielle Morrissey 

Best dressed: Catherine Foley 

Worst dressed: Danielle Morrissey as she likes to wear tracksuits that are out of fashion. 

Coaches pet: Grace Walsh

Smartest: Me

Funniest: Denise Gaule

Stranded on an island, who do you want with you: Clodagh Kenny 

And who do you not want with you? Defo not Ciara Walsh because we would get lost even more ha ha 

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