2 Minutes with John McGrath

2 Minutes with John McGrath
31/05/2018 Thomas


Name: John McGrath
Age: 23
Occupation: Student
Club: Loughmore Castleiney
Favourite Food: Steak and sweet potatoes
Favourite Music: Anything by Christy Moore
Favourite holiday destination: Miami
Best trainer: Paudie Maher
Worst trainer: A rare sight seeing Cathal Barrett on the training field lately!!!
Quickest: Mikey Breen
Slowest: Billy McCarthy
Crankiest: Donagh Maher ( Old age)
Most skilful: Bubbles
Funniest: Daire Quinn
Worst dressed: Barry Heffernan hands down
Favourite Sports Person: Ronan O’Gara / Eoin Kelly, can’t split them
Favourite ground: Semple Stadium Thurles
Funniest thing you’ve seen on a pitch: Gary Russell falling over himself while coming on as a sub in a school match. He put the fear of god into the full back afterwards
Any superstitions: Wearing my Thurles Fresh Milk wristband every game since 2012
Something we don’t know about you: I once starred as villager no.2 in a primary school play. The acting didn’t work out surprisingly!!
I wear Mycro because… as the game has become faster and more physical the Mycro helmet gives me the most protection and prevents head injury, which could affect my life outside of hurling.

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