Sizing Chart

Helmet Size Guide: 

Extra extra small: 3-4 years (47cm)                                                                                         

Extra small:           4-5 years (49cm)

Small:                      6-10 years (51cm)

Medium:                 11-17 years (53cm)

Large:                       18+ (56cm)

Extra large:             18+ (59cm)

*  These sizes are a guideline, individuals may vary between sizes. *


Glove Size Guide:

Hand Circumference (cm)      

Small: 17-19cm

Medium: 20-22cm

Large: 23-25cm

Extra Large: 25-27cm


Hurley Size Guide:

The simplest method to correctly gauge the best fit for you is to:

1. Stand straight with your arms hanging by your side.

2. Keep changing the size of the hurley until the finger meets your wrist bone.

3. The distance from the ground to their wrist is the correct length.

4. The player should be able to hold the hurley at the top and the hurley should be just touching the ground.

5. The hurley should not come up to the hip. Hurleys nowadays should be shorter and easier to swing. It is better to go abit shorter than abit longer.

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