2 Minutes with Austin Gleeson

2 Minutes with Austin Gleeson
19/12/2017 Matt

Name: Austin Gleeson

Age: 22

Occupation: Student Ambassador with Bank of Ireland

Club: Mount Sion

Favourite Food: Steak, Sweet Potatoes and veg

Favourite Music: Coldplay

Favourite holiday destination: Chicago, USA

Best trainer: Darragh Fives

Worst trainer: Colin Dunford

Quickest: Tommy Ryan (Tallow Flyer)

Slowest: Stephen O’Keeffe (will get angry message over this)

Crankiest: id have to say myself on this one

Most skilful: Jamie Barron

Funniest: Tommy Ryan

Worst dressed: Stephen O’Keeffe (another message on way)

Favourite Sports Person: Russell Westbrook NBA

Favourite ground: Thurles

Funniest thing you’ve seen on a pitch: we were playing an u16 club match a few years ago and just after half time one of the opposition players actually scored a point for us not knowing he was playing the other way!

Any superstitions:  always sit in the same seat in the dressing room and on the bus.

Best prank you’ve seen: there have been a few but tadgh bourke got caught by a recorded prank phonecall thats the best so far.

Something we don’t know about you: i sound like an angel when i sing…. (some angry people when they see this haha)

I wear Mycro because the quality of the helmets are second to none. The comfort in the helmets are so good you barely realise you are wearing the helmet and the staff are so sound and anything you ask for is always done 100%.

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