Deep in the heart of the Bandon Valley there is a quiet revolution underway which promises to change the face of hurling for ever.

That change is driven by the continuing threat caused by disease to the Irish ash tree population.

Because of the decline in our native ash tree, more than 80% of the ash used for hurleys is now imported from abroad.

That got us thinking!

Here at Mycro we constantly think about how we can improve and enhance the products we offer to hurlers. At one of those meetings some years back the discussion turned to the question “Could a synthetic hurley be produced that would be better than other synthetic hurleys and the traditional ash hurley?”

Everyone around the table was convinced that Mycro could produce a hurley made of composite materials which would match and indeed surpass the traditional ash Hurley and any other synthetic product – that day the concept of the Mycro Evolution was born.

Mycro engaged with the best engineers and designers to replicate what the ash hurley does but, more importantly, to improve on its performance.

In terms of design the Evolution has a number of unique features. It is stronger and therefore more durable then the ash hurley.

However, despite its strength, it is still flexible and has excellent shock absorption qualities which significantly reduces sting transfer to the players arms.

The boss has grooves that facilitate water run-off but it is also sparked to give superior grip – all of which means that the Evolution surpasses the traditional ash hurley when playing in wet conditions.

In test after test the Evolution has matched or surpassed the ash. Sideline cuts, free taking, hooking and blocking, overhead striking – all of the traditional skills used in hurling are effortlessly performed by the Mycro Evolution. The Evolution offers consistent accuracy because of its design and has excellent weight and balance ratios.

It’s made entirely in Bandon, Co.Cork which means that its carbon footprint is negligible. This is particularly important when one considers that imported ash must travel many hundreds of miles before it can be fashioned into a traditional hurley. By contrast, the Evolution is a sustainable and recyclable product with a potentially greater life span than the ash hurley.

Of course, the Evolution can be broken but it does not shatter in the way of a traditional hurley.

Throughout the sporting world traditional wooden sports equipment has been replaced over the decades for a very simple reason – the new equipment is invariably an improvement on what already existed.

All in all the team here at Mycro are very proud of what we’ve produced and we’re convinced it will play an important part in the future of hurling in Ireland and around the world.

Join the Revolution – The Future has Arrived

Kiss your ash Goodbye!

  • 25.9544.95 Quickview

    Mycro Evolution

    • Made in Ireland
    • Sparked effect on the boss for better control in all conditions
    • Durable
    • Consistent
    • Reliable
    • The Future!
    25.9544.95 Quickview
Delivery in Ireland – €5
Delivery to the UK – €10 and
Delivery outside of Ireland and the UK – from €15

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