• 2 Minutes with Miriam Walshe

    Name: Miriam Walsh  Age: 24 Occupation: student  Club: Tullaroan  What age did you first play: 5 Favourite ground: AstroTurf  Favourite sports person: Katie Taylor  Favourite food: chicken curry  Favourite holiday spot: Boston  Favourite TV programme: love…

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  • 2 Minutes with John McGrath

    2 MINUTES WITH JOHN MCGRATH: Name: John McGrath Age: 23 Occupation: Student Club: Loughmore Castleiney Favourite Food: Steak and sweet potatoes Favourite Music: Anything by Christy Moore Favourite holiday destination: Miami Best trainer: Paudie Maher Worst…

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  • 2 Minutes with Austin Gleeson

    Name: Austin Gleeson

    Age: 22

    Occupation: Student Ambassador with Bank of Ireland

    Club: Mount Sion

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  • Rising Expectations

    Without wanting to revisit Saipan and all that went on, maybe it’s time to look at it from a different perspective. Let’s look at the positives that have occurred as a result of it. Yes, while everyone debates the rights and wrongs of it, something else also occurred. Expectations rose and as a result of the fallout and essentially because of Roy Keane, we’ve never had as much sporting success in this country at local, provincial and national levels.

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